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Iittala | Puffin

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Artist: Iittala

Only 300 of these iittala Toikka Museum of Glass Puffins have been made, mouth-blown and numbered to be as unique as their real-life muses. The bird stands tall with a black and white body for a modern, minimal look. This simplicity allows for the beak to pop with red and yellow stripes. This comically large beak has earned puffins in nature the nickname "clowns of the sea." Let the puffin be the funky beauty of your flock, or gift it to a loved one to remind them that it's a good thing to stand out. Each limited edition iittala Museum of Glass Toikka Puffin has been specially engraved O. Toikka IITTALA MOG 2018 and numbered x/300 on its base to ensure authenticity and remind you of its special origin.