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Rope Shoe Horn

Details and Materials:  7"L Stainless Steel, Nickelplate


Forged Shoe Horn, Large

Details and Materials:  14.5"L Stainless Steel

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Stitch Linea Navy Mini Wallet

Holds 4 embossed or 6 flat cards 4 extra cards Banknotes Business cards Receipts Stitch An embodiment of our passion for style and mastery of different production techniques. A beautiful...


Crisple Black Mini Wallet

Holds- 4 embossed or 6 flat cards- 4 extra cards- Banknotes- Business cards- Receipts The Miniwallet is both a compact and secure wallet. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector,...


Outboard Motor Replicas, set of three, aluminum

Polished Aluminum and Cast Iron.  Set of three. 15", 12" and 11" x 4". Engines from three different styles of boats, each is solid aluminum and then polished to create...


Microphone Pencil Holder

Solid Cast Polished Aluminum.  7" x 3.5" x 3.5". Based on the microphone that defined the 1940s, this microphone pencil holder has an authentic look which will bring a retro...


Apollo Stand

Cast Aluminum and Brass.  7" x 6" x 5". The design of the Apollo stand was inspired by the various UFOs that landed their way onto the covers of the...


Anvil Stand

Cast Iron and Brass.  3" x 4.5 x 3". This cast iron stand is a replicated from a blacksmithing tool circa 1910.  This miniature anvil makes a nifty place to...


Karl Table Clock

Polished cast aluminum and cast in machined brass.  17" x 7" x 7". Karl the robot table clock stands or sits as a friendly sentinel on your desk or side...


Space Bug Table Clock

Polished cast aluminum and machined brass.  5.25" x 4.5" x 5". The cutest clock on any planet. Perched atop of three conical brass feet and brass antenna seeks out new...


Speedster Table/Wall Clock

Polished aluminum and brass.  9" x 10" x 5" A faithful replica of a steering wheel used in a 1960s British sports car. The red face is even patterned after...


Thunderbolt Table Clock

Polish aluminum and brass.  5.5" x 10" x 4" The Thunderbolt is inspired by American fighter planes of the 1940s.  A playful design that is desk friendly.