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Match | Convivio Ceral Bowl, White

Match | Convivio Ceral Bowl, White

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Artist: Match Pewter

The Convivio dinnerware collection was designed to highlight, but not upstage, your culinary creations, and yes, that includes your favorite cereal. Our founder/creative director purposely designed this bowl to be a bit larger, with ample room to mix yogurt, fruit, granola and the like, without any of it spilling over onto your table. Each piece is individually made by hand, with a ceramic body and our iconic pewter rim that’s stamped with symbols representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy and the city in Italy where match is made.

Care Instructions:
Cleaning your pewter: Pewter requires almost no maintenance. To clean your pewter, hand wash in warm water. Dry the pewter completely, as water drops will cause spots.
  • Diameter - 7.5"
  • Height - 2.6"