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Lacrima - 14K Gold Diamond, Glass & Resin Eye Necklace

Lacrima - 14K Gold Diamond, Glass & Resin Eye Necklace

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Artist: Sofia Zakia


Window to the soul, microcosm of the universe. Eyes search, protect, command, twinkle, hide or reveal all in this world; so much etymology around spirituality is rooted in the eye. The "third eye" is seen as the eye of the soul, "second sight" is synonymous with clairvoyance, to "have scales fall from your eyes" is to see a truth, and to have "stars in your eyes" is to be enraptured and idealistic. Cultures around the world have imagined eyes with eerily kindred symbolism. Eyes are often the channel into a new dimension, a heavenly body of enlightenment. Indeed, it's been said that humanity was borne from the tears of God.

Eyes are adorned with a many deep meanings, yours to decide which you'd like to imbue this tiny talisman with.