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Sofia Zakia

Sofia Zakia is a fine jewelry brand created and designed by Sofia Ajram in Montreal. Founded in 2015, each piece is rich with symbolism, borrowing from the worlds of art, history, and science in a harmonious juxtaposition of luxury and storytelling. Each piece is an unconventional, feminine exploration into iconic symbols and stories. I work to create ceremonial luxury jewelry that is alive with meaning and wearable every day, destined to be passed down for generations.

Sofia is devoted to creating timeless designs using fine and ethically sourced materials. Sofia Zakia's artisanship focuses on the details vital in creating pieces that complement the unique personal style of the wearer. She believes that great jewelry should not only be beautiful, but should also tell a story and evoke a sense of magic.

Sofia Zakia is committed to exquisite craftsmanship in every step of production. Sofia works with environmentally responsible resources as well as ethically sourced coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Made with the finest materials and meticulously crafted, each piece is a unique sculptural creation using elements of magic, alongside mythological references as inspiration. Sofia Zakia pieces always have a story to tell, or a symbolic meaning, making them feel powerful to wear.

Sofia Zakia

Moon Tear - 14K Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring

size 6.5 Inspired by the ephemeral soundscapes of composer Theophany. She spills moonlight from her heart and awakens the tides to follow her reflection in the sea.


B'atz - 14k Gold Alexandrite Worry Doll Necklace

16" B'atz, named after the Mayan spirit of life, destiny and infinity, features a meditative doll holding a tiny alexandrite stone. Natural alexandrites are one of the rarest and most coveted...


Lacrima - 14K Gold Diamond, Glass & Resin Eye Necklace

16" Window to the soul, microcosm of the universe. Eyes search, protect, command, twinkle, hide or reveal all in this world; so much etymology around spirituality is rooted in the...