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Lisa Ridout | Quincy Bracelet

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Artist: Lisa Ridout


Sterling silver and Irish Waxed Linen.  The Quincy Bracelet is perfect to wear every day on it’s own or in among your other wrist treasures you have collected along the way.  This contemporary design using colourful Irish Waxed Linen that is woven in between sterling silver handmade and hand closed jump rings to create this intriguing macrame style patterned bracelet.

Quincy is a old Irish Girl’s name that means “fifth”.  If you look at the ring pattern, you will see it’s a repeating pattern of 5 rings, then 3 rings going the opposite direction, then another 5 rings, etc…  The name is a nod to the 12 ply Irish Waxed Linen and repeating 5 ring pattern combination of materials used. This design continues Lisa’s tradition of using female names for her jewellery designs.