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Lisa Ridout

Lisa Ridout is a Toronto-based artist and a graduate of the George Brown College Jewellery Art & Design program in 1992. Lisa dedicates herself to producing innovative handcrafted precious metal chain work.

The traditional skill of chain making is a delicate and time-consuming craft. The chain is entirely handmade by drawing silver into wire form of varied thicknesses, then turning and weaving rings into delicate patterns. Drawing on historical patterns, as well as new combinations of her own creation, Lisa blends her love of stones and crystals into her sterling silver pieces.

Lisa Ridout

Lisa Ridout - Roundmaille Bracelet

Sterling Silver. Very old, Celtic design, suits everybody, doesn't matter your orientation. Bracelet weighs over 46.0 grams and is a lot of labour to make. The smaller rings you use,...


Lisa Ridout | Biker Bracelet

 Built like a textile.  Looks woven or knitted together.  It’s actually black rubber that has been interconnected and then sterling rings are added to the rubber pattern to give it,...


Lisa Ridout | Fiddle Styx Bracelet

Sterling silver.  Like to wear a stack of bracelets?  This Fiddle Styx Bracelet would be a wonderful addition to your collection, or it would be the perfect style to start...


Lisa Ridout | Fiddle Styx Necklace

Sterling silver.  Lisa's original chain pattern design.  Comes in several length options.  Shorter necklace options have 3 choice of lengths in one necklace.  Either 16/17/18″. Exact match to the Fiddle Styx...


Lisa Ridout | Infinity Bracelet

Sterling and Bronze. Entirely hand built by Lisa in her Toronto Studio.   7.5"  Matches with Infinity Earings.


Lisa Ridout | Jackie O Earrings

  Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal pearls.  Available in post, french back or huggie tops. Available in cream, platinum, gray, or dark gray Swarovski pearls.  


Lisa Ridout | Jackie O Pearl Earrings

 Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal pearls. Swarovski pearls. Cream with Post Back   


Lisa Ridout | Jackie O Pearl Stud Earrings

Sterling silver and 10mm Swarovski crystal pearls. Available in Cream, Platinum, Grey, or Dark Grey with sterling silver post and a large butterfly back to help support your ear and show...


Lisa Ridout | Jens Braid Bracelet

Sterling silver.  This beautiful smaller profile sterling silver bracelet is perfect for stacking with others, or with your watch.  The Jen’s Braid pattern is the oldest chainmaille pattern Lisa makes. ...

From $200.00

Lisa Ridout | Large Love Knot Necklace

Sterling Silver. Entirely built by Lisa in her studio. Making these large 2.0 mm thick rings is a test of Lisa's skills. Forming them by drawing the silver wire into...


Lisa Ridout | little Love Knot Bracelet

Sterling silver.  Add a little extra love to your life by sporting this delicate bracelet.  This every day wearing piece stands equally on it’s own, or as part of a...


Lisa Ridout | Love Knot Bracelet

Sterling silver. Make this wrist accessory your every day go-to item. Classic but contemporary sterling silver chainmaille designed bracelet. Lisa’s interpretation of the age old “Love Knot” pattern, which was...

From $385.00