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Elements Fuego Max 10 Outdoor Scented Candle

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Artist: Baobab

Peppermint - Geranium - Driftwood

The Elements collection is the first edition of outdoor candles. The ceramic vases are hand-made with innovative enamelling and firing techniques that create a unique blend of matte, brilliant, cracker or strayed effects. In order to withstand the summer breezes, the Elements collection's candles are poured around sturdier wicks. Its scents are the result of a thorough search for a combination of notes that both repel insects and maintain an elegant and sophisticated edge.

The Fuego outdoor scented candle comes in a ceramic vase with refined enamel details that range from matte and textured, to glossy. Its simultaneously floral and insect-repelling scent will magically spread. Its blend of coral, beige and white will add a warm and mediteranean touch to your terraces.

Its simultaneously floral and insect-repelling scent will magically spread. 

Always burn your candle until the whole surface becomes liquid. This step may take a long time, especially during the first burning. When the entire top of the wax is liquid, do not burn it longer than one hour. The top layer of liquid wax should never exceed one centimeter in height. Never burn your candle more than the maximum burning time indicated in the candle’s instructions. Never burn it down totally and systematically leave one centimeter at the bottom.

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