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Just like the baobabs overlooking the African savannah, Baobab Collection’s candles and diffusers are known for their size and original designs. They are extraordinary objects providing an olfactory and aesthetic experience. Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. If the collections are inspired by faraway places and wild nature. it is in Belgium that the new creations are dreamed up, a small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimal chic.

Baobab Collection’s candle creations are tales waiting to be discovered, sensory experiences that are the result of exquisite perfumes and aesthetic design. All of our materials are carefully selected and sourced across Europe and our candles are manufactured by the best European artisans. Baobab Collection offers an array of diffusers and candles, made of either hand-blown glass or metal upholstered in precious leather.

The Belgian brand stays true to its values of craftsmanship and excellence by supporting European expertise and craftsmen. Our raw materials are selected with the greatest care: our mineral wax comes from Germany, our glass is from Poland, our leather is from Italy and our scents are created and perfected in Grasse. All of our candles are hand-poured into glass that is hand-blown by master craftsmen, making each one completely unique. A black ribbon with the brand’s logo is then added to every candle before it is wrapped in an elegant black box.

We are continuously inspired by the world we live in, to create modern and unique objects using the highest quality materials. This quest will not go unnoticed by interior designers or those who simply adore subtle fragrances. From the olfactory experience to the stunning object Baobab Collection’s candle has a unique identity. 

From its flagship store in Brussels to the most prestigious department stores, the brand can be found in more than five hundred locations worldwide. Baobab Collection decorates and embalms gorgeous interiors with the wisdom and spirit of a great traveler.


Eden Seaside Max 10 Scented Candle

Amber - Peppermint  


Mikea Mena Hazo Max 24 Scented Candle

Mint Leaves – Vetiver Roots – Ylang Ylang Mena Hazo means “red tree” in Malagasy. This scented candle is part of the Mikea collection, which celebrates the often-overlooked ancient tribe...


Mikea Manou Max 10 Scented Candle

Mint Leaves - Vetiver Roots - Ylang Ylang The Manou scented candle is covered in natural raffia with small black insertions that resemble seeds. This open motif brings a touch...

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Mikea Fotsy Hazo Max 16 Scented Candle

Firewood – Grapefruit – Eucalyptus Fotsy Hazo means, “grey tree” in Malagasy. This candle’s red ochre base color is a reference to Madagascar’s reputation as the red island, due to...

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Black Pearls Max 10 Scented Candle

Black Rose - Ginger Inspired by the fascinating pearls of Tahiti, whose shimmer can range from a silvery grey to anthracite, the Black Pearls candle is defined by its dark...


High Society Swann Fragrance Diffuser

Iris – Cedarwood – Vetiver The Totem Swann fragrance diffusers come in large hand-blown blue flasks, hand-engraved with a graphic motif. 15 cm | 250ml


Diffuser Spray Kit

The Lodge Spray Kit will allow you to spray your favourite home fragrance throughout your home with more intensity. Compatible with Baobab fragrance diffusers. ***Bottle not included  


White Flower Woman Scented Talisman

Musk - Jasmine The White Flower Talisman is a scented silicone mask that, for 4 months, will release its scent into your wardrobe or intimate spaces of your life. 13.5...


Stones Lazuli Max 16 Scented Candle

Cardamom – Sea Salt – Musk The scented candle is a timeless piece of sophistication and elegance. Its marbled glass with intense blue effects perfectly illustrates the amazing personality of...


Cashmere Max 10 Scented Candle

Bergamot – Cedar – Musk The Cashmere scented candle is a 9-karat gold print applied to black glass. Its design is highly detailed and delicately covers the candle’s hand-blown glass....


High Society Gatsby Max 10 Scented Candle

Incense – American pepper – Amber The Gatsby scented candle is set in a hand-blown glass that is hand-engraved by our artisans with an art deco geometric design. With glass...


High Society Gatsby Max 16 Scented Candle

Incense – American pepper – Amber The Gatsby scented candle is set in a hand-blown glass that is hand-engraved by our artisans with an art deco geometric design. With glass...