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Baobab | Delta Zambeze - Candle

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Artist: Baobab

Hibiscus-Tea-Red Fruits

The Zambezi delta overlooks the Indian Ocean into which the river flows. Sunsets over the sea were a source of inspiration for the creation of this home fragrance. Hibiscus flower brings a warm note to the fragrance, while tea takes on a fresher olfactory identity. The base note of red berries sets the fragrance on a gourmet trail.

The Zambèze scented candle comes in a hand-blown glass in shades of coral and black. The colors appear randomly on the glass, with a powdery effect reminiscent of shagreen. The warmth of hibiscus notes blends with the freshness of tea notes and the delectable red fruit notes.

Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
MAX 10 10 cm | 3.9 in 60h 4 wicks 2.86 lb
MAX 16 16 cm | 6.3 in 150h 4 wicks 5.06 lb
MAX 24 24 cm | 9.45 in 400h 5 wicks 11.44 lb
MAX 35 35 cm | 13.8 in 800h 7 wicks 22.77 lb

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