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Stinson Studios | Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Regular price $270.00

Artist: Stinson Studio

The wane edge bowl is a harmonious compromise between the shape and rustic rim of the bark bowl, and the durable clean edge of the round bowls. No two bowls are exactly alike in spaulting colour patterns or natural rim. The dramatic “finger spaulting” patterns found in Stinson Studio bowls are a unique characteristic of red maple, which is rare, but fortunately prevalent in their area of Eastern Ontario. Choosing the right wood is so essential to the art they create, and this is highlighted in their Ambrosia maple pieces.

14" Serves side salad for 2-4

17" Serves side salad for 4-6

19" Serves side salad for 7-10

Handmade in Ontario, Canada

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