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Sterling Silver 'Wild Man' Small Spirit Bead Necklace

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Artist: haida

To Indigenous people, legends of this ape-like or “wild man” creature has existed since time immemorial.  The Haida First Nation calls the creature “Gaagiixid”. To the Haida, ‘Gaagiixid’ is part of a long and rich history of the ‘wild man’. It is believed that sometimes a human gets lost, and when he reaches the brink of death, sometimes he transforms into a supernatural being, a wild man, a Gaagiixid.  Gaagiixid was always something to be respected and were in essence, a relative of the Haida people.  The songs, dances and song are still strong forces keeping Gaagiixid a stronghold in Haida culture.


Small Spirit Bead Measures: 1.0cm Long X 0.7cm Wide 

Comes with 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain.

Includes: Totem Bio, Artist Bio & Spirit Bead Bio