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Sterling Silver 'Heron' Small Spirit Bead

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Artist: Haida

The Heron - The Heron is considered to be a very good omen representing grace, purity, patience and long life. First Nations people took notice of the Heron’s inquisitiveness, determination and excellent judgment skills. They recognize the Heron as an expert fisher and hunter.  Native people believed that sighting a Heron before a hunt was an indication that the hunt would be a victorious one.  

As a water creature, the Heron is as well an image of going with the flow and working with the elements of Mother Nature, rather than struggling against her. The Heron was thought to communicate with the Supernatural being.


Small Spirit Bead Measures: 1.0cm Long X 0.7cm Wide 

Comes with 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain.

Includes: Totem Bio, Artist Bio & Spirit Bead Bio