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Sterling Silver 'Feathers' Small Spirit Bead Necklace

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Artist: Haida

The Eagle Feather is considered to represent great spiritual power and strength.The stem is the central and most important part of a feather, but it relies on the numerous hairs to be able to function. Feathers may have different duties, but overall, work to help the bird. Despite the small differences in the feathers, they all serve a purpose: to assist with flying, or to keep the bird warm, or to support the weight of a bird hovering in the water. Some feathers steer, some support, and some guide the direction of flight. All feathers, regardless of their size, work together because cooperation produces a better outcome with more reward and less exertion. Even small feathers and small strands of a feather are hard working and equally important to the overall movement of a feather.


Small Spirit Bead Measures: 1.0cm Long X 0.7cm Wide 

Comes with 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain.

Includes: Totem Bio, Artist Bio & Spirit Bead Bio