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Satya | Lotus Birthstone Locket Necklace

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Artist: Satya


Carried close to our hearts, those we love accompany us on our journey. An 18kt gold plated locket necklace is engraved with lotus flowers—symbol of new beginnings and full potential—and sparkles with a faceted birthstone. Create a personal keepsake inside the locket while celebrating the month of your birth. 

Garnet is the stone of friendship and love, and the birthstone of January.

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, peace, and prosperity, and the birthstone of February.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage, peace, and understanding, and the birthstone of March.

Peridot is the stone of alignment, friendship, and happiness, and the birthstone of August.

Sapphire is the stone of trust, protection, and love, and the birthstone of September.

Tourmaline is the stone of charity, peace, and abundance, and the birthstone of October.

Citrine is the stone of confidence, radiance, and happiness, and the birthstone of November.

  • Lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential.
  • Pendant size- 16 x 13mm
  • Stone size - 4 x 5mm 
  • Necklace length - 18"
  • 18kt gold plate over brass
  • Made in India