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Satya | Guiding Spirituality Amethyst Gemstone Drop Mala

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Artist: Satya

Let your spirituality guide you to inspiration and truth; let it open your heart to the miracles of the Universe. A hand-beaded mala—or ancient prayer necklace—of 108 amethyst beads awakens spirituality, peace, and prosperity in its wearer. Anchoring this mala is a brilliant teardrop-shaped amethyst gemstone that catches and scatters light. Wear this mala as a necklace, or use it as an integral part of your meditation and manifestation practices.

  • Lotus - New beginnings, infinite potential
  • Amethyst - Spirituality, peace, prosperity
  • Labradorite - Imagination, perseverance, truth
  • Pendant size - 18 x 25mm
  • Stone size - 6mm faceted round amethyst; 6mm faceted round labradorite; 18 x 25mm faceted pear amethyst hydro quartz
  • Length-33"
  • 18kt gold plate over brass
  • Made in USA