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Satya | Clarity of Vision Pyrite Moon Star Bracelet

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Artist: Satya

Open yourself to the inspiration of dreams. A stretch bracelet of healing grey agate ”stone of creativity and good fortune sparkles with a golden star, symbol of guidance, inspiration and dreams.

  • Grey Agate: creativity, good fortune
  • Star: Guidance, inspiration, dreams
  • Stone size: 4mm
  • Bracelet Diameter: 7"
  • 18KT Gold Plated

Pyrite is the stone of reflection and prosperity.

Often associated with the Divine Feminine, "Grandmother Moon" guides our journeys with her protective light and nurturing wisdom. She invites us to ignite our intuition and explore our goddess energy.

From eternal compasses that guide us to keepers of our most sacred wishes, stars hold magic for the eyes that gaze upon them. Starts are associated with protection and divine energy as we walk our paths to truth.