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Peugeot | Line Reverse, Electric Corkscrew

Regular price $170.00

Artist: Peugeot

With a fully automatic cork extraction system by simply pressing the corkscrew on top of the bottle and a smart cork ejection feature with a simple flick of the wrist, this rechargeable electric corkscrew makes opening your bottles a breeze. Its practical latest-generation Li-ion battery guarantees 80 extractions with a single charge and fast charging in 2.5 hours.
With Line Reverse, Peugeot has combined an ingenious hi-tech design with a clearly contemporary style to create a corkscrew and matching foil cutter boasting elegance and functionality in equal measure.

- Fully automatic operation
- Effortless cork extraction
- Intuitive cork ejection by tilting the corkscrew to a 90° angle
- Long battery life and fast charging: Li-ion technology
- Includes a foil cutter with an aluminum finish