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Michael Aram | Mughal Garden Pitcher

Michael Aram | Mughal Garden Pitcher

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Artist: Michael Aram

6.5"W x 8.5"L x 11"H, 78 Oz.; Nickelplate, Amethyst, Jade


The Mughal Garden motif was originally designed by Michael Aram in celebration of his 20th anniversary of living and working in India. Aram's dedication to Indian metalworking traditions has been the cornerstone of the craft based design for which he is best known. Combining his love of the natural world with his deep love of India, the Mughal Garden series serves as an homage to the country which has given Michael so much inspiration and artistic expression.

"For years, I purposely did not represent India in my work since I felt that an artist's inspiration and sources run deep, and should not be influenced by spending brief amounts of time in one place. Now, after understanding this country and having made it my own for over 20 years, I felt the time was right to further celebrate the beauty and magic that India has shown me. I love walking in the park near my home in New Delhi, where, amidst the Mughal ramparts and ruins, peacocks glide by and monkey's swing from the trees that are organized in clean, symmetrical rows. There is a circus-like unexpectedness mixed with the grace, perfection, and refinement of the keenly planned environment. For me, this is the pastiche that is India."