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Michael Aram | Lodhi Garden Gooseberry Bowl

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Artist: Michael Aram

The Lodhi Garden Collection explores the study of nature and foliage from around the world. Inspired by Michael’s morning walks at the park near his home in New Delhi, India, each shape references leaves that he picks up along the way. Adding an artful and symbolic element, the leaves are etched in contrasting patterns, suggesting the life cycle of the leaf, and its passage through time. The forged brass stems speak to Michael’s love of mixed metals and handcraftsmanship.

“I am always inspired when I walk through nature, and how it connects me to memories of different times, people, and places in my life. It is a constant reminder of how precious and ephemeral life is. I am always struck by the beauty of living things and how we must appreciate each moment of our journey through life.”

  • 22"L x 10"W x 6"H
  • Bowl 12"L x 10.25"W x 5.75"H
  • 60 Oz.
  • Hand Textured Stainless Steel
  • Natural Brass