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Leah Alexandra | Birthstone Necklace - Silver & Ruby

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Artist: Leah Alexandra

Everyday and essential are synonymous when it comes to this petite gemstone necklace. Made to represent who and what you hold close to you — whether that be your own birthstone, a loved one’s, or simply your favorite stone. 

Long known as the King of Gems, July’s Birthstone, ranging from vibrant pinks to deep and luxurious reds, represents love, well-being, emotional strength and wisdom. Throughout history, rubies were worn and adored by kings and royalty. They were a sign of authority and luxury, linked to power and wealth. Today, it is still believed that wearing a fine red ruby can bestow protection and good fortune on its wearer. 

  • Pendant Measurement: 2mm
  • Material: Sterling Silver & Ruby
  • Chain Length: 16"

All gems in the collection are natural which means no two are alike. While we cannot guarantee exact replicas of the gems pictured, we can guarantee that the gem you receive will be unique to you.