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Leah Alexandra | Birthstone Necklace, Ruby

Leah Alexandra | Birthstone Necklace, Ruby

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Artist: Leah Alexandra

Everyday and essential are synonymous when it comes to this petite gemstone necklace. Made to represent who and what you hold close to you — whether that be your own birthstone, a loved one’s, or simply your favorite stone. 

Long known as the King of Gems, July’s Birthstone, ranging from vibrant pinks to deep and luxurious reds, represents love, well-being, emotional strength and wisdom. Throughout history, rubies were worn and adored by kings and royalty. They were a sign of authority and luxury, linked to power and wealth. Today, it is still believed that wearing a fine red ruby can bestow protection and good fortune on its wearer. 

- July's Birthstone

- Gold plated sterling silver pendant with Ruby 

- Charm measures 2mm