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French Lantern, Electic

French Lantern, Electic

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Artist: Authentic Models

Somehow French tool and instrument makers know how to add a little molding here, a nick or twist there. Here it results in a product of unsurpassed elegance and appeal. Our French lantern was used during expeditions of the French Colonial Army while quartered in Tahiti, Saigon, Casablanca, Martinique. The reason that only a few original brass utilitarian colonial objects can be found these days is that most were melted down during WWII. The French lantern creates a statement. It's just the right size and in short; it has charisma!
  • Dimensions: 15.2H inches, 14.2 inches diameter
  • Carton Dimensions: 26.8H x 16.3L x 16.3W inches
  • Packaging: Kraft Box, 4C Label