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Peugeot | Elis Touch Stainless Steel Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew, 27cm - 10,6in

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Artist: Peugeot

The corkscrew that combines elegance with high performance

Opening your favourite bottles of wine has never been so easy. Simply push the Elis Touch corkscrew down over the neck of the bottle to start extracting the cork, which is achieved with a simple press of a button. The new latest-generation Li-ion battery inside the Elis Touch increases the corkscrew's operating life-span (approx. 80 extractions) and reduces the charging time (2.5 hours). The refined charging base and LED charge indicator ensure that the electric corkscrew is always ready for use!

Effortless cork extraction
- Cork ejection with a simple press of a button
- Long battery life (80 extractions) and fast charging (2.5 hours): Li-ion technology
- Charging base and foil cutter included
- Charge indicator to ensure that the corkscrew is always ready for use
- Ultra-resistant high-end stainless steel finish
- USB port charging & USB charging cable included
- Five-year warranty