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Secrid | Slimwallet Emboss Lines Black

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Artist: Secrid

The Slimwallet is a modern take on the classic billfold. With its slim profile it fits perfectly into every pocket. The generously cut leather holds at least an additional six cards, banknotes and business cards.

Emboss Leather the icon of the Premium Collection: a sheep-leather wallet inspired by the automotive world.

  • In-house bespoke embossing design - Finish
  • Soft high-quality sheep leather, refined in Italy -Tanned Cow Leather - Highest Quality
  • Made in Holland & Italy - Sheltered Workshops

A highly distinguished wallet featuring a tailor-designed relief inspired by the interior of luxury cars, combined with the highest quality of sheepskin leather. A piece of daily luxury.

The sheepskin leather used for our Emboss Lines is sourced from Spain and embossed in Italy, by family-owned business Vivolo. Trusted partner of the most celebrated fashion houses, they create a leather that is truly luxurious.

First Metal Lever

Our eye-catching metal lever is made from durable stainless-steel metal and especially crafted for this collection. It is the next evolutionary step for our patented Secrid mechanism. The metal lever also magnifies the iconic Secrid click as your cards are revealed.


  • 4 embossed or 6 flat cards
  • 4 extra cards
  • Banknotes
  • Business cards

The leather chosen for our wallets does not require any regular maintenance. The combination of the custom design, quality sheep leather and finish ensure the embossing will stay soft over time.  

If your wallet does get dirty or wet, there are several steps you may want to take to ensure the leather’s look and feel. 

Water absorbing leather Since these leathers are prone to absorbing water, we recommend not trying to clean them. Any water or moisture used in this process would be absorbed by the wallet and may change its colour further. If you do get caught in typically Dutch weather and your wallet gets wet, best use a soft cloth to carefully pat it dry.

Size & Weight

68mm  x 102mm x 16mm

130 Grams