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Satya | Lotus Dumortierite Gemstone Bracelet

Satya | Lotus Dumortierite Gemstone Bracelet

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Artist: Satya

May your new beginning be as peaceful as the lotus that blooms in the stillness of night. A  gemstone bracelet of dumortierite—stone of calm, relaxation, and harmony—lends tranquility to its wearer while a delicate silver lotus flower inspires new beginnings. Wear this stretch bracelet alone, or stack it with other healing gemstone bracelets for a truly personalized look.

      • Lotus- new beginnings, infinite potential
      • Dumortierite - confidence, patience, tenacity
      • Dumortierite 4mm faceted round
      • Bracelet length: 7"
      • Pendant size: 9.75 x 7mm
      • Sterling Silver