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Stinson Studios| Bark Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Regular price $185.00

Artist: Stinson Studio

Over the years, the bark edged bowl has become Stinson Studio's best selling style of serving bowl.  The live bark edge combines with the smooth interior to reflect a balance between rugged natural beauty and functional form. With this bowl, they strive to maintain as much of the natural tree as possible in the finished piece, and depending on the amount of colour in the individual bowl, it may range from freshly elegant to darkly mysterious. Turned on their custom lathe, bowls are nested to eliminate waste, creating unique colouring and variations in size and depth between bowls. Each bowl is refreshingly unique.

14" Serves side salad for 2-4

17" Serves side salad for 4-6

19" Serves side salad for 7-10

Handmade in Ontario, Canada

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