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Artisan Instruments Titan Singing Steel (G Major) Drum #318 - One of a Kind

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Artist: Artisan Instruments

Singing Steel Tongue Drum
Hot Steel Satin finish
G major 

This one of a kind piece musical instrument has beautiful tone and resonance. All Artisan Instruments drums are finished inside and out with a durable polymer powder coating.  Look inside for your unique model number - your handcrafted instrument is a one of a kind piece of art and has its own characteristics from its previous life as a propane tank!

Each drum comes with a set of wool wrapped steel mallets and a playing cushion.

The repurposed vessel is the perfect resonator which gives it a unique and uncompromisable sound. Each of their Singing Steel Drums have their own characteristics - your drum will be the only one of its kind, and each drum is final tuned and checked by the maker, Kristian Power.


*This photo is a stock image and your item may vary slightly since each one is uniquely handcrafted.