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12cm Mammoth Ivory Handle, Thick Damascus Steel Forged "Roses" Blade, Saber Tooth Tiger Head Folding Knife

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Artist: Forge De Laguiole

 Artist Virgilio Muñoz was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best French Craftsman) in 1986 in the collectors knife category.

Each one of his knives is custom-made for the knife collector. Each model is an exceptional piece and an unique achievement. Virgilio Muñoz signs everyone of his knives with his initials: MV. His knives are works of art with a precise fit, a perfect finish, a beautiful choice of materials and a wonderful design.

Ivory, Mammoth tooth or bone, striped coral, exotic wood types, only the hands of a master can work with these very rare and striking materials.

Pigeon wing sculpted handle, a scorpion’s tail, swan wing, ‘pineapple’ handle (inlaid with diamonds) or reproduction of ancient coins.

"I handmade and chiseled this piece of exception with passion and carefulness, and I hope this knife will be the best of the companions throughout your life. I signed my initial (VM) on heel of blade."