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Woodstock Chimes

Garry Kvistad 
Founder and Owner of Woodstock Chimes 

Garry Kvistad earned a Bachelor of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Masters of Music from Northern Illinois University, where he studied music, art and physics in the pursuit of building musical instruments.

Woodstock Chimes

Amazing Grace Chime - Medium

Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length Material: Cherry finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminum tubes, removable windcatcher for easy customization This chime is tuned to the inspiring tones heard in the...


Crystal Heart Cascade - Ruby

This sweet cluster of clear and pink crystals leads the eye to the jewel-like clear crystal heart drop. This suncatcher sparkles and shines in the light, spreading rainbows across the...


Woodstock Garden Bell - Large

One of our best-selling products; a creative sculpture for the garden!Woodstock Garden Bells are adapted from an original design by artist and musician Ron Snider.This bell is not powered by...


Awakening Bell

An instrument for sound healing and relaxation.Developed in partnership with jazz great Jack DeJohnette, world-renowned sound therapist Dr. John Beaulieu and Woodstock Chimes founder/musician Garry Kvistad.When the Awakening Bell is...


Tibetan Prayer Chime

The enchanting sounds of this wind chime take the listener on a musical journey across the landscape of time. It is tuned to the five tones that make up the...


Woodstock Temple Bells - Quintet, Copper

Inspired by ancient Chinese bells, this set of five coordinating bells offers a restful tone. Bells have been used throughout the ages to accompany dance, to provide comfort and to...


Woodstock Pet Memorial Chime - Cat

Let every breeze sing a song of remembranceA thoughtful gift for someone whose feline companion has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This chime is tuned to a traditional Balinese scale...


Woodstock Illumination Solar Chime

Beautiful by day, magical by night!Our Illumination Solar Chime features 20 silver rods encircling a solar light that automatically comes on when the sun goes down. This unique chime serves...


Chimes Of Partch

Dimensions: 36 in. overall length Materials:  Cherry finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminum tubes   The Chimes of Partch are lively, uplifting and energetic. This cheerful sounding wind chime is tuned to an...


Woodstock Feng Shui Chime - Chi Energy, Jade

Beautifully designed with genuine stone accents, our Jade Feng Shui Chime - Chi Energy Chime will enhance any setting and blend with the positive aesthetics you are seeking. In feng...


Crystal Ice Cascade Suncatcher - Ball

Genuine Austrian crystals, silver finish plated brass chain This beautiful cluster of ice-clear crystals lead the eye to the faceted crystal ball at the bottom. This suncatcher sparkles and shines...


Amazing Grace Chime - Memorial Urn

A touching tribute for a beloved family member, friend or pet, the underside of the wooden chime top houses a cast metal urn for ashes, a lock of hair, a...