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Vandermark Merritt Glass Studios


1943      Began apprenticeship with Carl Erickson (Erickson Art Glass) Bremen, Ohio
1959      Left Erickson to direct Colonial Glasshouse at Jamestown, Virginia for the
              National Park Service
1972      Designed facilities and trained glassblowers for the Vandermark Glasshouse
             of Liberty Village, Flemington, New Jersey
1982      Retired from Jamestown Glasshouse



1972      Commenced operations, specializing in Colonial Reproduction Glassware

1974-75 Began to develop and market contemporary and traditional Art Glass
1976      Vandermark work chosen for final show at the Corning Glass Art Society
1977      Featured artists at the American Paperweight Collectors Association meeting at
             Wheaton Village, Millville, New Jersey
1979      Began experimentation with Cameo Glass
1980      Vandermark-Merritt Glass Studios' "Applied Spider" Cameo Vase was one of
              nine pieces featured in Art Craft Magazine's review of the National Invitational
              at Habitat Galleries, Michigan
1981      Hosted the New York Paperweight Collectors Association Annual Meeting

1982      Featured in the Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association
1982      Vandermark-Merritt Glass Studios Cameo Glass featured in Designs Recycled
              "Medley 82"

1982      One of two contemporary studios featured in the Coming Museum of Glass show and
              seminar "2000 Years of Cameo Masterpieces"

1983-84  Featured in the Art Glass Society Journal
1984      "Insculpture Diatreta: Paperweights introduced at Wheaton Museum of
              American Glass "Paperweights of Today" exhibit
1984      Victorians Young-Sharin Gallery's "Engraved Glass" exhibit, California

1984      Featured in the Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association
1985      Featured in Wheaton Museum of American Glass Exhibit "Three Generations In
             Glass: Erickson, Vandermark, Merritt"
1985     Douglas Merritt gave lecture at Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Wisconsin,
            "Breakthrough in Glass: A New Technique in the Art of Cameo Carving"
1985     Vandermark-Merritt Cameo Glass featured in "Collectors Editions: magazine
1986     Douglas Merritt gave lecture on "Insculpture Diatreta" for the Michigan Chapter
             Paperweight Collectors Association in conjunction with Michigan Glass Month
1986    Vandermark-Merrill Diatreta featured in "The Glass Club Bulletin" of the
            National Early American Glass Club
1986    Featured in the Wheaton Museum of American Glass Exhibit "Flowers from
            Flame: American Lampwork Paperweights"
1986   Commissioned to create hand-cut reproduction globes for the chandelier in the
           Renaissance Revival Room of the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum
           of Art in New York City
1986   Featured in "New Glass Review 7" from the Coming Museum of Glass

1987   Douglas Merritt gave lecture to Westchester, New York Glass Club
1987   Featured in lecture "Reproductions in America Glass" delivered by Jane
          Spillman, Curator of American Glass at the Coming Museum in Coming, New
1987       Featured in Signature Fine Arts exhibition "Focus Paperweights"
1982-89  Douglas Merritt elected to the Board of Directors of the Creative Glass Center
               of America
1989       VMGS commissioned to make a special Limited Edition perfume bottle for
               Jaclyn Smith's "California" fragrance
1990       VMGS featured in "Paperweights & Perfumes '90" Exhibit at Del Mano
               Galleries, California
1990       James McClure gave a lecture to the Pennsylvania Carnival Glass Collectors Club
1990-91  VMGS cornrnissioned to make the first Limited Edition Convention  Commemorative   
               Perfume Bottle for the Perfume & Scent Bottle Collectors Club
1990-91  VMGS featured in the "Special Delivery - Craft Americana" exhibit at the
               Renwick Museum Shop of the Smithsonian Institution
1992-93  Invitational Perfume Bottle Show, Signature Gallery
1994       Douglas Merritt gave lecture to the Washington, D.C. Paperweight Collectors
1995       Washington, D.C. Paperweight Collectors Association visits Vandermark-
               Merritt Glass Studio
1996       Selected for the NJ State Museum Show
1996       Participants in Spring Show at The American Craft Museum.
1999       Listed in Who's Who in America.       

Vandermark Merritt Glass Studios

Blue Violet Hexagon Perfume Bottle

H4.75" X ⌀3.5"

Sold Out

Sterling Silver & Blown Glass Paper Weight

3.25" Diameter    ( one of a kind & custom made for The Rubaiyat ) 


Wild Flowers Tall Vase

H15.25" X ⌀5"


Celestial Bowl

H7.5" ⌀7"


Celestial Vase, Tall

H10" X ⌀6"