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Studio Paran

Studio Paran encompasses many of my creative endeavors. Located in the Schenks Corners neighborhood of Madison Wisconsin I make hand blown glass vases and other functional work as well as custom work. I also cook up some interesting projects in many different forms from lighting to sculpture and installation. 

I have been blowing glass for over 25 years and over that time I've come to realize a very simple thing, vases are meant for use. Making a vase is not just making another object of home decor, but creating an exquisite frame for flowers. It is an opportunity to engage a dialogue between vase, craftsman, landscape, flower, arranger, and guest. It is a bridge between human built architecture and the natural landscape.

My life as an artist began early with drawing lessons from a small town neighbor and propelled me on a path that lead to a BFA in glass from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1988. I've since worked for and with other glass artists and in 2006 took over full ownership of Studio Paran.

When I'm not blowing glass, I try to learn a few things about this world,  current obsessionsinclude Ikebana and a life long commitment to drawing as meditation.

-Richard Jones

Studio Paran

Blue Silver Leaves Vase

H17.5" X ⌀4.25"


Silver Leaves Vase

H16" X ⌀4.25"