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Mr. Schlanser has a diverse and interesting background. His occupations have ranged from racing motorcycles to modeling. He was raised in a community rich in heritage and as a result has a great appreciation for architecture and the arts.

Mr. Schlanser found his interest in glass while working as an apprentice for the renowned German glass artisan Paul von Domarus and later opened his own successful stained glass studio. He has since taken the glass medium into unexplored territories. In 1990 he presented his first collection of kiln-fired glass; the process by which plate glass is carefully shaped by heating it to near melting temperature, then gravitating from its solid state to form the shapes as seen in the Schlanser line.


15" Torn Victory Vase

Sculptured in jade-toned glass, nature's majestic waters carving their path, through time, leaving their signature. The Torn Victory has been a favourite Schlanser piece for many years. In-store pickup only. 


10" Bordeaux Slanted Vase, Jade

The Bordeaux vase is as brilliant as it is beautiful. This inventive design offers infinite possibilities for every flower, every branch, every weed, beautifully! In-store pickup only. 


30" Wisteria Vase w/ Bronze Base

The 30"  Wisteria Vase with blooms and foliage deep-carved in fine detail is enhanced by the cast Bronze foot resembling the root of the Wisteria vine. A supreme statement in...


8" Equus Bowl

The horse has been a symbol of grace & strength throughout centuries. This magnificent bowl provides the perfect setting for the presentation of this elegant creature. President George W. Bush...


14" ABC Of Life Platter

The “ABC of Life” platter is designed with inspirational text about how one might approach life. It offers a great alternative for the individuals who are looking to express their faith...


26" Robert Frost Vessel

26" gold glass vessel featuring the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken. Robert Frost was one of the finest of rural New England's 20th century pastoral poets. Frost published...


16” Nouvelle Bowl

The Nouvelle Bowl Ice has become an Icon of the Schlanser Collection. The elegant and striking design makes this bowl a classic center piece. In-store pickup only. 


22" Silhouette Bowl

This magnificent clear bowl is formed of 1” thick glass. It rests on a bronze sculpted foot in the shape of a branch. This piece speaks to you in silence....


24" Mariposa Vase

24" clear glass vase with gold butterfly accents. In-store pickup only.


7" Celestial Bowl

The 7" glass Celestial Bowl is a great representation of simple and unceasing style found in so many of the Schlanser designs. In-store pickup only. 


16" Apache Blessing Vessel

16" gold glass vessel bearing the Apache Blessing: "May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away...


Nouvelle Bowl In Ice 16"

H16" X W6.75"