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Saundra Messinger

uring the final summer of the 20th century, following a successful singing career and years as an executive at EILEEN FISHER, Saundra began designing jewelry. Her designs came out of a longing for imperfect forms in a matte finish not yet seen in the jewelry industry. In a world of glitz and glamour, Saundra was seeking simplicity. With a love of sterling silver, Saundra worked with artisans to create her signature shimmering matte finish. This matte finish combined with a sprinkling of tiny diamonds would be reminiscent of the sea glass Saundra loves from the two rivers of her life, The Hudson and The Mississippi. When Saundra and her recording engineer husband, Chuck Irwin, lived in a cottage on the shores of the Hudson, she would watch the sun rise on the steely grey river and experience the thrill of 'diamonds on the water.' The impact of that thrill has been transferred to Saundra's perfectly imperfect designs.

Since debuting her collection in 2000, Saundra's work has been widely recognized by the jewelry and fashion industry for its unique and cutting edge design. Early in her career she was chosen as one of ten 'New Designers of the Year' by The Jewelry Design Guild of America and as a 'Rising Star" by the Fashion Group International. Saundra's designs have been featured in magazines, in newspapers and on television, including Vogue, Instyle, Lucky, Real Simple and EXTRA. Her designs have been seen on tv and in the movies, worn by Julianna Margulies, Diane Keaton, Debra Messing and many others.

Saundra's jewelry is at once strong yet feminine. Her passion, beyond the jewelry itself, is to provide a supportive and joyful work environment, to be a fair partner to both suppliers and customers, and to give back to the community. Saundra's career as a jewelry designer serves as a shining example of her philosophy learned from her father, Berny, that anything can be accomplished if you just believe it is possible. An unexpected career as a jewelry designer has developed for Saundra Messinger, who says that she is untrained but 'taught and inspired by life!'

Saundra Messinger

Sterling Silver Wide Round Ring

17mm Wide Size: 5.5