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Satya | Beacon of Creativity Fancy Jasper Celestial Mala

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Artist: Satya

Follow the flame of inspiration and let it serve as your beacon of creativity. A hand-beaded mala—or ancient prayer necklace—of 108 fancy jasper beads lends focus, creativity, and grounding to its wearer. Anchoring this mala is a shining golden coin engraved with a brilliant sun, a symbol of leadership and vitality, which reverses to a crescent moon and sparkling stars. Wear this mala as a necklace, or use it as an integral part of your meditation and manifestation practices.
  • Sun - Vitality, leadership, life
  • Moon -  Nourishment, protection, goddess
  • Fancy jasper - Focus, creativity, grounding
  • New jade - Meditation, energy, healing
  • White topaz - Individuality, creativity, awareness
  • Pendant size - 24mm
  • Stone size - 6mm faceted round fancy jasper; 6mm faceted round new jade; 1, 2mm faceted round white topaz
  • Length- 33"
  • 18kt gold plate over brass
  • Made in USA

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