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Richard Satava, a master glassblower, was introduced to glassblowing in 1969 while attending Ocean High School in Pacifica, CA. He was then educated at the College of San Mateo and California State University, Chico and eventually opened Satava Art Glass Studio in Chico in 1977.

Using ancient techniques to create original designs in handblown glass, Satava creates works of art, individually crafted, by carefully combining the highest degree of technical skills and artistic creativity.

Well known for his vivid colors and unique portrayal of nature, Satava’s works are included in numerous public and private collections throughout the world.


Gold/Ruby Jellyfish 5.75"


LED Ultrabright Light Base Black

Luminary Base for Art Glass, Round, Black Finish, WHITE 5 Bulb LED Cluster, set of self adhesive protector pads, with AC Adapter, boxed. Power LED option looks the same as the...


Pacific Coast Jellyfish 5.5"H

This particular jellyfish sculpture has a beautiful orange ribbed dome. Under the dome is a brown and gold band with an array of white tendrils surrounded by thin and wispy...


Pacific Coast Jellyfish Seascape 7"

The Seascape background is a new addition to our jellyfish series.  Not only does this piece have our beautiful, colorful handblown Pacific Coast Jellyfish, but they have a flat back with a mottled...


Passion Moon Jellyfish 4 - 4.5"H

The Passion Moon Jellyfish sculpture is a beautiful depiction of a jellyfish with a delicate translucent ribbing. Under the dome is a brown and gold band with an array of tendrils...


Sapphire Vase with Jellyfish Lid

New series started in late 2015.  This sapphire, swirled vase is beautifully topped with a vibrant Pacific Coast Jellyfish lid.  It gives the feeling of a jellyfish swimming peacefully above...


Sedona Vase

Rich colors highlight this beautiful Sedona skyline vase from the earthy tones of the Red Sandstone to the amazing starry night sky. Dimensions 7 1/2″ wide by 12″ tall. The...


Sutter Buttes Flask

H12" X W8"