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Robert Held

In 1978, Robert Held began his own glass studio known as Skookum Art Glass Inc based out of Calgary, AB and operated there until 1987. At this time, he moved to Vancouver, BC, and enjoyed much success there at his studio: Robert Held Art Glass. In April 2013, after 37 years in production glass, Robert decided to retire to pursue other art interests and move to Vancouver Island with his fiancée, Irene. After one month of retirement and a fortuitously for-lease Quonset Hut near his new home, Robert decided to re-open Robert Held Art Glass in beautiful Parksville, BC. Today, Robert Held Art Glass is enjoyed through the many fine galleries and gift shops that carry his work throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

Robert uses techniques that date back as long ago as 2000 B.C. however, his collections range from classic to contemporary. Some works are inspired by the paintings of famous artists such as Monet and Klimt, while others take inspiration from photographers and even interior designers. 

Robert Held

Cherry Blossom Ginger Jar

H9.25" X ⌀7" #29 of 250 made.


Elements Multi Iridescent Vase

Blown Glass With Copper Detailing  H10" X ⌀7"


Flower Cane Pot Vase

H7.75" X ⌀6.5"


Medium Waterford Ginger Pot Vase

H7.25" X ⌀6.5"


Mocha Red Cylinder Vase

H9" X ⌀4.5"


Mosaic Flower Line Vase

H9.25" X ⌀6"


Original Cobalt Crucible

H10" X ⌀9.25"  * One Of A Kind * Note: The last Image appears distinct as there is a top light illuminating the crucible. 


Robert Held | Blue Poppy Paper Weight

This pretty heart shaped paperweight is part of the Blue Poppy collection. Colour Light Blue/Light green  Small 2 in. x 2.5 in. Large  3 in. x 2.5 in.

From $50.00

Robert Held | California Poppy Paper Weight

This pretty heart shaped paperweight is part of the California Poppy collection. Bright red poppies on a field of light blue and amber Colour :Amber-Blue  Small :2 in. x 2.5...

From $50.00

Robert Held | Cobalt Blue & Emerald Heart Paperweight, Small

Cobalt Blue & Emerald (COE)


Robert Held | Copper Blue & Light Green Heart Paperweight, Large

Copper blue and light green (CBLG)


Robert held | Copper Blue & Light Green Heart Paperweight, Small

Copper blue and light green (CBLG)