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Round Natural Oak Bowl

An incarnation of the traditional round maple bowl, the oak offers a fresh look through a completely new grain pattern, while maintaining the solid wood, durable, and functional appeal. 17"...

From $260.00

Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl

The round ambrosia maple is the closest to the traditional “salad bowl” that people picture when thinking of wood bowls, yet is enhanced through the natural beauty of the ambrosia...

From $260.00

Wane Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

The wane edge bowl is a harmonious compromise between the shape and rustic rim of the bark bowl, and the durable clean edge of the round bowls. No two bowls...

From $260.00

Bark Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Over the years, the bark edged bowl has become Stinson Studio's best selling style of serving bowl.  The live bark edge combines with the smooth interior to reflect a balance between...

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Marta's Candlestick

Match named this single candle holder, inspired by an antique English design, for their wonderful Italian interpreter. A perennial best-seller, this charming design has just the right amount of distressed detail, and...


Prato Candlestick

5.1" H Pewter Prato Candlestick


Cloche, Small

Pewter Cloche 8.5" DIA X 5" H


Tankard Pint

Pewter Tankard Pint  4.75" H, 1 PINT


Bar Tray with Knife Set

Wood and Pewter Bar Tray with Pewter Bar Knife 9.5" L X 7.7" W, 9.3" L


Whisky Glass

While the shape of the Match whiskey glass resembles that of a classic Glencairn, their design allows for the enjoyment of an unusually generous 8-ounces of your favourite beverage/liquid gold. Their founder/creative director...


Straight Pitcher

5.8" H, 1 LITRE Pewter Pitcher


Fearless Infinity Placemats - Set of 4 - Multi Neon

The AVF Placemat is a great way to add that finishing touch to your table.  With beveled polished edges and made of the highest quality acrylic, these placemats will be a...