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Michael Aram | Dahlia Medium Vase

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Artist: Michael Aram

The Dahlia Collection captures a sense of romance, intricacy, and opulence. In the Victorian era, Dahlias were given as a symbol of love and devotion. In certain pieces, Michael has chosen to contrast the radiant golden blooms against black granite and enameled stainless steel, evoking a mysterious sensuality. When found in nature, the petals’ perfect symmetry and spiraling pattern embody the Golden Ratio.

“When you hold a Dahlia in your hand, it is like seeing the whole universe. Each interconnected petal, perfectly imperfect and in harmony with the next, comes together to create something magnificent.” - M.

    • Medium: 8.75”L x 7.5” W x 9.5” H ; Vase 9.5” H , 6.25” Dia
  • Stainless Steel
  • Natural Brass
  • Black Powdercoat


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