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Welcome to our Outdoor Collection.

Elements Agua Max 16 Outdoor Scented Candle

Peppermint - Geranium - Driftwood The Elements collection is the first edition of outdoor candles. The ceramic vases are hand-made with innovative enamelling and firing techniques that create a unique blend...


Chimes Solitaire Stand

Can accommodate up to a 29" chime, bell or gong with a max. weight of 1.5 lb.We've solved the question of where to hang a Woodstock Chime even in the...


Woodstock Tranquility Table Chime

The sounds of this peaceful chime create a relaxed, tranquil environment.Many of us associate tranquility - or the state of being tranquil - with nature. Sitting beneath a tree next...


Woodstock Habitats Rainfall, Silver

A cascade of tubes that brings to mind rain falling on the forest floor.The cascading sound and look of this spiral chime reminds us of rainfall that nourishes the earth...


Emperor Gong Black

Its dramatic black design captures the romance & splendor of the Far East.Inspired by traditional Asian design, our Emperor Series offers wonderful sound and is intended to reflect balance, harmony,...


Awakening Bell

An instrument for sound healing and relaxation.Developed in partnership with jazz great Jack DeJohnette, world-renowned sound therapist Dr. John Beaulieu and Woodstock Chimes founder/musician Garry Kvistad.When the Awakening Bell is...