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Archibald Pocket Square

Product Details | A completely bespoke feather pocket square made to fit any pocket size. For a smaller pocket, simply fold back one side of the panel to get the fit you desire....


Folly Plum Thicket Pin

The Story | Thorns from wild plum thickets are foraged, dried, and paired with hand selected feathers by our team of artisans to create a one of a kind statement. Each...


Keel Bow Tie

Product Details | Deep blues with copper, gold and green accents. Designed with a special technique to create the mosaic pattern. Made with pheasant and turkey feathers.  No dyes are used, giving each...


Carew Bow Tie

Product Details | Made with all white Goose feathers.  A special technique gives this tie a slightly ruffled look, adding interest, depth and dimension. No dyes are used, giving each tie a unique coloring. Wrap...


Original Bordeaux Slim Wallet

The Slimwallet is a modern take on the classic billfold. With its slim profile it fits perfectly into every pocket. The generously cut leather holds at least an additional six...


Artisan Razor Yellow

The Artisan Razors have been designed as the perfect men's gifts, incorporating visually stunning and individually unique resins, beautifully finished stainless steel detailing, and dramatic self-display packaging. Each design takes...


Continental Wallet Burgundy

Building on the success of the classic Dalvey 'CMC', the Continental Wallets offer a compact, streamlined alternative to a classic wallet. Styled in three shades of carbon fibre leather, and...


Grand Odyssey Clock White

Redesigned in refined black, chic white and a richly opalescent blue, the Grand Odyssey Clocks offer a rich, substantial presence through intricately textured faces, deep-engraved detailing, exceptionally crafted badges and...


Classic Shaving Bowl

Solid contours - satisfying, weighty, and precision deep-engraved. Deep-engraved in Latin script: FORTES FORTUNA ADIUVAT: Fortune favours the brave. The ideal companion to the Classic Shaving Bowl is the Dalvey...


Chuka Bow Tie


Bobwhite Bow Tie

Product Details | Brown, black and white hues. Bobwhite quail feathers are seamlessly layered and combined with a black grosgrain wrap. No dyes are used, giving each tie a unique coloring. Wrap around...