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Dorthe Mailil has an overwhelming passion for design. She designs around the clock. Even while traveling, she carries her notebook where inspirations turn into drawings on the spot. 

She is gifted with a particularly quaint design style that is admired around the world. Dorthe has created illustrations for books and magazines. Even tv stations have asked her to create special toys for children’s channels.

Dorthe Mailil has won several design prizes for her fantastic designs and has proudly presented Maileg in renowned art galleries around the world, including: Louvre Paris, Caixa Barcelona and Moma New York.

Many have asked for the meaning of the name Maileg. It’s very simple:

Mai - leg

(my'lye) - noun

Mai - 3 letters from the designers last name

Leg - means play in Danish

(Origin 1999)

Started in Denmark, Dorthe Mailil and her husband Erik established Maileg in 1999. Mailegs' dream was to develop a brand of whimsical toys to capture the hearts of children around the world. 

Before starting the dream for the company, Dorthe was a well-known graphic designer for many books and magazines. She studied at the Danish Design School of Arts where her colleagues admired her drawings and creative touch, which ultimately led to the inspiration for the brand.    

Today, Maileg is sold across all the continents of the world. Maileg toys are designed and developed with love in Denmark.   




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