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Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming combines the auras of otherworlds with the intensities of light and darkness to craft a precious, ethereal collection.

Jewellery claims the most alluring places on the body and compels us to notice them. It's created to trace and enhance the curves of the body, becoming an extension of our essence. Laurie uses these concepts in her enigmatic, romantic style to create adornment for the captivating woman, who's depth is never revealed at first glance.

Inspired by unearthly atmospheres, the handcrafted pieces appear to have come from a world other than our own. Fluid metal forms refined with glowing stones emanate the feeling of intrinsic ascendancy, while still preserving their delicate nature.

Laurie's distinct collection evokes the fascination we have with awe-inspiring settings that remind us of what wonder and mystery feel like. Handmade in New York City and in-house at our studio in Toronto. All designs are hand-carved by Laurie Fleming and the line's mother of pearl and topaz stones are hand-faceted; created custom for the line.
Laurie Fleming