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Jim Norton

Jim Norton was born and raised in Calgary. He studied art and glassblowing at the Alberta College of Art and Design. 

He produced glass work at Double-Struggle Studio, and during the fall and winter, taught glassblowing party-time at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

His glass sculptures, lamps and goblets are exhibited internationally.

Each object is one-of-a-kind. 

Jim Norton

Blue & Clear Iridescent Fish

H9.5" X L10" X W4.5"


Classic, Green Vase

H12.75" X ⌀4"


Classic, Pink Iridescent Urn

H9.5" ⌀5.5"


Classic, Red Iridescent Vase

H9" X ⌀6"


Classic, Yellow Iridescent Vase

H10" X ⌀7"


Sawcut, Blue Iridescent Glass Blown Lamp

H22" X  Ø8"


Sawcut, Multi Iridescent Large Vase

H16.75"  X   Ø9"


Spiral, Blue & Purple Iridescent Urn

H11" X  ø6"


Spots & Stripes, Multi Iridescent Urn

H9" X ⌀5"


Spots & Stripes, Pink Iridescent vase

H7" X ⌀6"