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Satya | Healing Hamsa Fancy Jasper Bracelet

When we envision peace, we will it into existence. A choker necklace of square-cut tourmaline beads--stone of charity, peace, and abundance--shines brilliantly with a gleaming evil eye, symbol of protection...


Satya | Ganesha Hindu God Pearl Bracelet

Awaken to your instinctive calling; the Universe favors you with good fortune. A mother of pearl stretch bracelet stone of innocence, beauty and foresights graced with an 18kt gold plate...


Satya | Supported In Love Lotus Rose Quartz Bracelet

Love is the answer. Always. This bracelet of rose quartz, stone of unconditional love, is graced with a hand-etched heart for giving, receiving and embodying love. Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion...


Satya | Ganesha Hindu God, Overcoming Obstacles Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet

From each obstacle on our path to truth, we become stronger for having to overcome them. A gemstone bracelet of carnelian—stone of confidence and strength—empowers its wearer while a delicate...


Satya | Healing Hamsa Jasper Gemstone Bracelet

Under the guardianship of the Universe, we are invited to heal. A gemstone bracelet of fancy jasper—stone of well-being, healing, and confidence—empowers its wearer while a delicate golden hamsa charm...


Satya | Lakshmi Rose Quartz Necklace

Love is as infinite as starlight; it will always shine like a beacon on the dark. An 18kt gold plate Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess - goddess of prosperity and abundance - dangles from...

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Sofia Zakia | Kore Supreme - 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Named after the Greek maiden-goddess, Kore Supreme evokes the floral essence of old world romance with a hint of magical girl flare. Kore was the given-name of Persephone before she became Queen of...


Sofia Zakia | DIA Paeonia Ring

 A lush, full bloom of petals surrounds a rosecut diamond set to resemble the flower. Tiny budding diamonds collect around her in a ring fit for Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. ...


Sofia Zakia | Ghoul with a Heart of Gold Necklace

This lil undead ghoul's heart may have stopped beating long ago, but since seeing you it's lit back up a brilliant, sparkling red. He's had it rough, missing some appendages...


Sofia Zakia | IX - Worry Doll Earrings

Ix, named after the Mayan goddess, features a dress of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and embodies good luck and good fortune. Wear her diligently around your neck, and in beauty,...


Satya | Inspired Spirit Bracelet

Let inspiration guide your spirit to soar to its full potential. A stretch bracelet of green aventurine stone of balance and creativity is adorned with a gold lotus, a symbol...


Shashi | Marquise Pearl Ear Jacket

Studded stones detail these ear jacket earrings with an arched fan design. Diamond ear jacket with a freshwater pearl stud. Ear jacket has three holes to customize the height for...