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Bezel set in a rich gold setting is a combination of a striking baguette and round gemstones accentuated by a Dew Drop detail.Classic with an edgy twist, these everyday earrings...


Matsu | Sterling Silver Medium Curve Ring

Soft undulating band with wavy edges in sterling silver with a satin finish. Width: 8.2 mm at the widest point. Size 8


Matsu | Flat Bangle

Wavy bangle with flat outer surface. Sterling silver Width: 3mm


Matsu | Hammer Textured Oxidized Bangle

Wonky bangle, hammer textured and oxidized. Made with 2mm sterling silver wire.


Matsu | Textured Bangle

Solid 4 mm textured wire bangle with wavy body. Sterling Silver


Matsu | Sterling Silver Textured Bangle

Size: Medium This solid 3 mm bangle is made from extruded wire. It has been soldered, textured and forged into a wavy oval shape Details Metal: Sterling Silver Width: 3...


Matsu | Smooth Bangle

This solid smooth 3 mm bangle is made from extruded wire that has been soldered and rounded into a wavy oval shape Details Metal: Sterling Silver Width: 3 mm Finish:...


Matsu | Sterling Silver Small Stacked Circlet Earrings

These sterling silver earrings consist of two stacked circlets. The design has them with opposing curves creating a sense of movement and adds a touch of volume to the overall...


Matsu | Small Boheme Drop Earrings

Small Boheme earrings with lever back. Metal: Sterling silver


Matsu | Sterling Silver Shimmer Drop Earrings

Description Sterling silver shimmer drop earrings with lever backs


Dean Davidson | Plaza Ring Rockrose

Dean Davidson’s best-selling ring, the Plaza Ring features architectural lines punctuated by a substantial cushion-cut gemstone. Despite its modern, statement-making size, the ring remains easy to wear thanks to its...


Pyrrha | Sterling Silver Skull Symbol Stud Earrings

Skulls are symbolic of mortality. Mix and match symbol studs for ultimate personalization. Sterling Silver PYRRHA Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era....