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Candice Pool, Finn's Creative Director and an award-winning jewelry designer, founded the company in 2006.  Born in South Africa and raised in Texas, she decided to move to New York.  With no formal jewelry training, she is proof that desire is a powerful motivator.  It was simply a love of all things jewelry that has brought her to where she is today.  

Since 2006, Finn has established itself as a line of precious jewelry that anyone can adore.  While whimsical, the craftsmanship of the designs make them classic.  With new pieces carefully introduced throughout the years, the original designs are still part of the collection which speaks to the inherent timelessness that is the brand's signature.

Each piece of jewelry is made by craftsmen at the top of their fields in New York City.  The team is truly international, with artists bringing their talents from Russia to Ecuador.  Navigating the maze of tiny workshops in the Jewelry District, the team sources only the best materials and artists.  

In 2009, the Finn Showroom was envisioned by Candice out of a dark, empty industrial loft on Great Jones Street in the trendy downtown NoHo neighborhood.  Meticulously designing every detail, the space is now a grand home to all of the jewelry.



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