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Eli Jewels

Eli Jewels is a family run business whose heritage goes back over 300 years. Eli, the father and patriach if the family, was a world renown master jeweler who specialized in handmade filigree jewelry. He also owned a jewelry store in New Orleans for 30 years. His son's, Fred and Simon, grew up in the business. It was no surprise when they returned home from Louisiana State University and founded Eli Jewels in 1993.

The brothers have collaborated on designing almost every piece of jewelry from the beginning of the company. Every ring in the bridal collections is born out of single piece of gold or platinum and hand made into a dazzling piece of art. The fashion collections put a contemporary spin on the designs of the ancient Etruscans, Romans and Greeks. Every fashion ring, bracelet, necklance and earrings require highly skilled artisans to apply every bead, bezel, and wire twist.

For almost a quarter century Eli Jewels has focused on delivering the highest quality product combined with the finest customer service. Eli Jewels believes that the true measure of success is not always gauged by profits, but by the look of jot on a woman's face when she puts in her first piece of jewelry from Eli Jewels.

Eli Jewels

Sterling Silver & 18K Gold, Blue Sapphires & Diamonds Cuff

Petite Size


Oxidized Sterling Silver & 18K Gold, Ruby Ring

Size: 5.5


Oxidized Sterling Silver & 18K Gold, Pink Sapphire, Diamond Necklace

Chain Length 36"