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David Bryce

David’s figurative sculptures are playful, joyful and heartfelt. The rich decorative tradition of Asian antiquity and the movement of Baroque sculpture inspire him. These pieces are modeled in clay and then cast in materials suitable for outdoor use.

"My pieces unite Baroque movement, abstract expressionist gesture and Asian decorative spirit with a commitment to my own gentle whimsical voice. Whether the work is my figurative sculpture or my drawings in clay, I create pieces that are sometimes serene, sometimes playful, but always captivating and inviting with their gestures and expressions. With a calligraphic stroke or the folds of ribbons of clay, I capture my figures in ordinary tasks or movements that take on extraordinary depth of contemplation or of joy."

"All sculptures are modeled in clay and/or cast in acrylic and plaster as a response to collectors’ wishes to showcase my work outdoors as well as indoors. Finally, each piece is colored with iron oxides and applied pigments. All aspects of this creative and productive process are completed by me personally."

David Bryce

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