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Dalvey has a rich history encompassing decades of innovation.  From its origins in Scotland in 1897, the company has undergone a unique evolution...

The company was founded as “Duncan MacRae”, a musical instrument manufactory specialising in the production of Highland bagpipes.  The creation of any musical instrument is a delicate art: the crafting and finishing must be conducted to exacting standards, and ensuring excellent acoustic properties requires a very high degree of rigour and discrimination within the design and production processes. This meticulous attention to detail has sat at the heart of the company since its origins and throughout its evolution.

As a young man, Sir Patrick worked as a deerstalker in the mountainous Highlands of Scotland, and as a fisherman on the dangerous north-western coasts. He was also a solo musician and a challenger in the competitive circuit of the Highland bagpipes. He was taught by Duncan Johnstone, Donald MacLeod, and John Burgess OBE – some of the greatest figures in the history of piping.

In order to fulfill a vision of crafting exceptional musical instruments, Sir Patrick acquired a small bagpipe manufactory in the 1970s. He directed the firm for over a decade, developing and perfecting the craft skills and precision-engineering capabilities that would lay the foundations for the unique evolution that has taken us towards the design-led men’s accessories brand that we are today.

Sir Patrick has always respected individuality, and Dalvey pays homage to that respect: the brand is driven by our aspiration to equip men who craft their own lifestyles and require distinctive functionality. When designing, we often think in terms of the “Dalvey Man” – a figure who is independent and discerning, inquiring and broadminded.

The inspirational landscapes of the Highlands grant a perspective to our design process, helping us to realise enduring pieces of elegance and functionality at a point of remove.  As a design-house and factory, we love being based here, and we’d like to take the opportunity to invite all enthusiasts of the brand to visit the Highlands: both to receive a warm welcome at our factory, and to experience the beauty of our home.

Central to the design process is the idea of an independent-minded man who constructs his own lifestyle.  We make versatile modern classics – pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality. We aim to have a focused range: to perfect key designs using construction techniques that guarantee performance and functionality.


Dalvey | Continental Wallet Burgundy

Building on the success of the classic Dalvey 'CMC', the Continental Wallets offer a compact, streamlined alternative to a classic wallet. Styled in three shades of carbon fibre leather, and...


Classic Shaving Bowl

Solid contours - satisfying, weighty, and precision deep-engraved. Deep-engraved in Latin script: FORTES FORTUNA ADIUVAT: Fortune favours the brave. The ideal companion to the Classic Shaving Bowl is the Dalvey...


Artisan Razor Yellow

The Artisan Razors have been designed as the perfect men's gifts, incorporating visually stunning and individually unique resins, beautifully finished stainless steel detailing, and dramatic self-display packaging. Each design takes...